Founded in 2011, Wiltshire-based Baxter Green Architects is an award-winning architectural RIBA Chartered Practice. Our aim is to offer creative solutions suitable of responding to the project budget, site constraints and the brief. Listening and unearthing information from our clients, even the smallest of desires, is fundamental in working together to achieve a successful project. Inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places and so exploring the brief as well as the site is part of how we work.


Baxter Green Architects were founded with the specific purpose of providing energy efficient buildings through design rather than just technologies. This stems from a belief that energy efficient and environmentally sound architecture does not have to cost more, it should encompass all aspects of the design, materials and methods of construction into a holistic solution. Sustainability is not dependent upon styles and can be applied to both contemporary and traditional projects.

In the Practice operations too all staff recognise where possible, that environmental management of the business can provide a significant contribution to minimise our environmental impact. All members of staff are actively encouraged to offer new methods and ideas to improve the Practice operations and policy regarding its environmental responsibilities.


Baxter Green Architects are a registered RIBA Chartered Practice and as such are required to maintain quality management procedures. We have developed a system to meet certification, an important recognition for quality that is supported by the Government and recognised worldwide.

In undertaking the quality management procedures we are able to ensure our clients aspirations and expectations are met with the aim of achieving client satisfaction. The organisation and management systems incorporated within the Practice procedures includes all aspects specific to processes of design, project management and contract administration. Our aim is to ensure these processes are clearly identified, regularly monitored and recorded, and remain effective.


While we seek to create buildings that minimise energy consumption in both construction and occupation, we remain acutely aware that some projects have limitations to the extent this can be achieved. The optimum solution is always sought, marrying elegant and stimulating design to the client’s aspirations, budgets and constraints of existing buildings.

The aim of the Practice is to create a sense of enjoyment in the work we undertake for both the clients and ourselves. Creating buildings that will last for generations should be reached through the joy of the creative will, collaboration and passion to create beautiful spaces and objects. Buildings to be used and enjoyed while interacting positively to the surroundings and environment.

A number of projects selected to demonstrate the diversity of our work commissioned to meet our clients aspirations and site opportunities. Our projects include traditional and contemporary new build and extensions incorporating sustainable architecture.

A selection listed building projects the Practice has undertaken to demonstrate the breath of our work. Our projects range from renovations and extensions of listed buildings from Georgian properties in Bath, County Houses in Wiltshire, Dorset and Somerset.

Selected projects to demonstrate the diversity of our work commissioned to meet our clients aspirations and site opportunities. From educational new buildings and extensions, community facilities and office buildings in both traditional and contemporary designs.

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