Acoustic wave ceiling reflecting the movement of dance PERFORMING ARTS

NDTA, Wiltshire. The project was to create a performing arts studio within a courtyard space surrounded on three sides by buildings of various heights and ground levels.

The design was in collaboration with the funding committee, multi-agency and community services commissioned to promote all forms of performing arts from dance, music and visual arts. The project was highly praised for its innovative approach to the constraints of the site meeting the requirements of the brief and budget.



The Work

Natural ventilation system

Educational building

Sustainability incorporated sedum roofs


The dramatic space is divided into equal bays each with the three curved ceilings joined to form a continuous wave interjected with three of the curves taken though the flat sedum roof to enable the space to be lit from above. This enables the space to be natural lit, otherwise unable to be achieved due to the surrounding buildings. The dormers also provided natural ventilation system.

The project was a great success meeting the budget while exceeding the clients expectations for the space. We are a Chartered Architects Practice who has worked in all sectors of education, both private and public, undertaking projects of various sizes and complexities.

A year after the completion of the project we undertook an assessment to review how the building performed over this period. We are extremely proud of receiving comprehensive positive comments from the client and users but also the building performed better than expected in terms of its energy use. Proving good design is cost effective.